Welcome to LIF-TECH

Providing ENGINEERED LIFTING SOLUTIONS and specialty lifts for heavy vehicles and complex projects since 1991.

  • GRAY Wireless Portable Lifts and Garage Equipment:  Northeast Distributor
  • ALM Welding and Assembly Positioners:  Sales, Northeast US, Canada and International Representative
  • PKS Lifts for Mining vehicles and truck and bus lifts. US Distributor and International Representative
  • LIF-TRACK snowgroomer lifts aka snowcat lifts:  Sales and Product Manager, Global
  • Train Lifts (Single and Two-Car) and Turntables for rail cars as well as rail truck lifts.
  • Wash Bay Lifts with Galvanized coatings combat the effects of salt and corrosives.
  • Custom Lifts are our specialty.  We provide Engineered Lifting Solutions!
  • We service what we sell.