The guys at Park City Powder Cats in Utah apparently love our LIF-TRACK.  Tom Kendrick, Vehicle Maintenance Manager, had this to say about a used LIF-TRACK that they just purchased and installed:

“It will be a boon to maintenance out there. You won’t believe what it has done for us already.  

I should have taken a video of the first time we put the first cat up in the air.  Here’s what we found:

  • A big stick jammed into the oil pan (not through it, just wedged between the pan and the frame)
  • Disconnected tiller drive plug (reverse side)
  • Bad tiller drive hoses
  • A plethora of oil leaks
  • Torn inside track belts

So on a cat that *I* considered to be fairly well maintained, we found over five categories of things wrong with it, within 3 minutes of having it on a lift for the first time. Wicked.  We’ve got some work to do.”

LIF-TRACK snowcat lift 2016-11-06_15-52-53_634 2016-11-06_15-54-58_560If it’s time for you to consider a LIF-TRACK, give us a call!