ADK-01GRAY Wireless Portable Lift System replaces “first generation” hydraulic mobile column lift at Adirondack Trailways after 15 years of operation.  While the new systems can expect to deliver a longer life, theirs was one of the very first hydraulic lift systems produced and they got every bit out of it.

The customer went from a full cable system to Wireless eliminating all the cables that either run over the floor or hang from the ceiling.  The GRAY represents an entirely new generation of portable lifts with a touchscreen that is second to none in the industry.

ADK-03The GRAY mobile column touchscreen has a full display showing all operational push-buttons, data and “live” graphic images.  Note that the vehicle is shown at 30.8″ off the floor with the data displayed immediately to the right.  Check this out: the vehicle load being lifted by the column is also shown!  That’s unheard of!

Raise, Lower, Park and all other operations are performed simply by touching the screen, just like on an iPad.