Welding Positioners

ALM Welding Positioners will position you to be more COMPETITIVE!

The ability to lift-and-rotate large components with ALM Positioners for Welding and Assembly will significantly increase your manufacturing strength and profits.

  • LIFT-and-ROTATE: Lift wide work pieces up to a height of 98.5” in 35 seconds, rotate and lower to the most advantageous elevation/position for flat welding or assembly.
  • Ergonomic positioning for maximum weld quality and deposition rates.
  • Reduced Handling Time compared to turning with a crane = huge COST SAVINGS.
  • Increased THROUGHPUT in LESS TIME.
  • Adjustable Tailstock for smooth and efficient horizontal movement to accommodate varying workpiece lengths.
  • Mobile Tailstock allow you to adjust from very short to very long weldments and clear the shop floor when using only the headstock.
  • 2 Post machines with Fixed, Adjustable or Mobile tailstocks; from 8000 to 75,000 lb capacity.
  • Single Post Postioners, 2 or 3 axis.
  • Elevating and Non-Elevating Positioners are available, with or without horizontal travel.
  • PROFIT from a ROI in 1 – 3 years based on ALM’s efficient hydraulic design, improved worker safety and comfort and of course greater output in less time.
  • MADE IN THE USA:  Rock Island, IL

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