Rotary Contact Welding Ground

New this year, ALM Positioners developed a Rotary Contact Welding Ground that eliminates the need to ground directly to the tool or part.  This ‘simplifying feature’ is available as an option in 400 and 800 amps and accepts standard 4/0 cable lugs.

Rotary Contact Welding Ground

Rotary Contact Welding Ground


Why an ALM Positioner?

ALM Positioners manufactures unique “elevating” headstock/ tailstock positioners that lift-and-rotate the work piece.  Wide weldments or assemblies that are difficult and time consuming to flip from side to side can be done in a fraction of the time when it can be raised and turned in a machine.

Their unique positioner designs have proven to be a more cost effective equipment investment that improves safety for welder and operator and improved weld quality while boosting production throughput as much as 35%.

ALM’s positioners allow the operator to raise and position his weldments or assemblies to a convenient height and working position.

Custom Designed Positioners

Our positioners can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements and provide improved weld quality; simplified tool access; consistent repeatable assembly procedures; higher productivity and reduced consumables; proper ergonomics with reduced operator fatigue and injury risk; and higher throughput and profits.  Just contact us, and we can talk through your needs and unique situations.