Why Invest in a Welding Positioner?

Welding PositionerThis week, we made an site visit to a factory in Canada, who recently purchased an ALM Welding Positioner. Our site tours include inspections on the positioners, making sure the positioner is working well, and getting feedback on the use of the equipment.   One of the questions we ask directly to the welders working with the positioner: “how is this welding positioner affected your work?”.  The answer this week wasn’t surprising, or even rare, but we wanted to share it with you.

One welder said: “They can’t change rolls of welding wire fast enough to keep up with us. We went from 13 hours per weldment to 8 hours  – instantaneously.”

Let’s do the basic math on that.

Five hours of SAVINGS on thirteen original hours is a time savings of 38%, each and every time they use the welding positioner.

With results like that their ROI is in months, not years!

Are positioners an investment?  Sure. But if your factory does a bit of welding, the right welding positioner for your business will pay for itself in a number of months.

So who was this customer?

Unfortunately, the company does not want to use their name in the testimonial.  Why? So they don’t lose their competitive advantage.  One executive said: “Look, this thing is great.  If our competitors get the same idea, they can do things quicker and more efficiently, and why would we want to tell them that we’re already doing that?”